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Our Vision

We at Boost Mode Spa want to help our patients achieve health and wellness through the use of evidence-based IV hydration.

The goal is to prevent illness before you have to treat disease. We do this by getting to the underlying cause of the problem or symptom that ails you, by providing vitamin and mineral infusion therapy rather than relying on oral nutritional supplements that take time to break down, therefore limiting the actual ingredients you will absorb in your body. Research shows our body absorbs approximately 10%-30% of oral vitamins through the gut.

Although not FDA approved, IV infusion therapy goes directly into your bloodstream bypassing the gut, resulting in close to complete absorption (approximately 97%) – giving you a quick and effective BOOST in your overall hydration and vitamin supplementation. .


By Appointment ONLY.

Subject to change according to need. We have block times availble for in office and virtual appointments based on need.

Please review available times and dates while scheduling your appointment. If you need a date or time not available please reach out!

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Tina Butt

Owner and CEO

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Rachel Kuehn

Registered Nurse

Jamie Blowers

Registered Nurse

Our Services

BOOST Immunity

  • Keep common illnesses at bay by helping your immune system
    recover from infection
  • Great for chronic autoimmune disease
  • Increase energy, hydration, antioxidant
  • Magnesium, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B 12, Vitamin C, Zinc,
    – Glutathione as an add on for an increased Boost

BOOST Pre/Post-Party

  • Use before your FUN night out or use to recover after a WILD night
  • Hydration, energy boost, headache relief, increase mental clarity
  • Rehydrate, recover, repair
  • Anti-inflammatory medicine (Toradol), nausea medicine (Zofran),
    Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium, Famotidine


  • Your basic rehydration. Best after an illness, hot summer day, exercise and travel. Great for dehydration.
  • This is also the BASE for ALL IV hydration treatments
  • NaCl

And so much more!


I am a skeptic when it comes to taking supplements and I did not understand the benefit of IV hydration until I received the BOOST Rehydrate/Energy! I did not feel anything until the next day when my energy levels soared. I was able to work without feeling tired, I did not take my usual afternoon nap yet I slept great! This experience made me a believer! I look forward to trying something different next time!

– M.B.

The first time I met Tina, she was giving a lecture at Ursuline College during my graduate schooling years. I thought to myself, “wow how passionate and knowledgeable she is about teaching and delivering her message”. I was so impressed by her demeanor and approach to teaching the public, that it made me want to listen and pay attention. Several years have passed, and who knew that we would now be colleagues and friends…

– B. K.

I signed up for Coaching with Tina to help eliminate pain through diet by finding WHY I eat the way I do. The Coaching sessions got to the root of my issues and were extremely helpful to give me the tools to move forward. Some of the positive steps I have taken as a result of the sessions are learning stress techniques: meditation, breathing, journaling, tracking food and mood, made changes affecting my mindset, make healthier choices. These things have made me feel better with less pain and losing 12 lbs so far…

– C. M.