2021 Goal Setting for a Healthy New Year!

Tina Butt

Are you one to set New Year Resolutions?

NOT me!

I like to set GOALS!

What is the difference between Goal setting and making a Resolution?

A Resolution is you telling yourself that you want to do, accomplish or achieve something in the upcoming year! You could have many resolutions. They usually are not specific. And rarely followed through. I read a study that stated approximately 8% of people actually stick with their resolutions they set. That is a very small percentage. Why do you think the number is so low?

Then, what is Goal setting?

When you set a goal (or several), you are following a personal vision requiring motivation and a positive mindset. Goals should be specific, individualized and broken down into short term and long term. They need to be achievable in order to be successful at achieving them.

Being able to reach your goals takes dedication, perseverance and as I mentioned above, a positive mindset!

People of all walks of life set Goals: athletes, professionals, actors, actresses, medical providers, moms, dads and YOU! High achievers set goals and work to meet their goals. Successful people set goals and become successful by taking the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

So, you want to set healthy GOALS in 2021?

This is the first step to starting on your Healthy Lifestyle Plan. When starting on a lasting health journey, you need a plan. Below you will find an easy to follow plan which you will follow during your time in the Membership with my guidance. The key is reviewing your current Mindset toward WHY you are setting your GOALS.

  1. Get a JOURNAL- you will use this during your journey. I will also give you assignments during your time with me in the Membership to write in your journal. There are so many different types of journals, “one size does not fit all” so to say 😉
  2. Write down your GOALS: there are different goals that you need to work on to be successful on this journey. They need to be specific and attainable. You don’t want to make them so difficult that you will not be able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
    • ONLY choose a couple at a time so they are attainable and you do not get overwhelmed, I recommend no more than 3 at a time.
    • 1-3 per week
    • 1-3 per month
    • 1-3-quarterly
    • that means yearly you would have reached 3-9 GOALS!
    • Here is an example: This week I want to set a goal of not drinking sugary drinks at all, add 1 new healthy meal per week; my goal for the month of January is to journal daily at least 3 positive thoughts, practice daily self care activities for at least 10 min a day; by March I would like to be eating 3 healthy meals a day, exercise 3 days a week for at least 20 min a day, and lose 6 lbs.
  3. Write down 3 steps that you can take to start working on these goals: what action do you need to take to reach your goals? Write the action steps. This is how you develop a plan! We can discuss the steps during the Q&A later this month if you need help.
  4. Now, we begin the fun part! We work on these goals together!
    • don’t forget to post your healthy GOALS in the Facebook group when prompted.
    • letting others know your goals will make them real and will help to hold you accountable for these goals and ultimately more successful at achieving them.

You need to make a plan so reaching your goals is more achievable. Just like you need a plan for setting up a vacation, planning a dinner party, planning a kids birthday party; you will not succeed if you DO NOT have a plan!

Without a plan, you will procrastinate! Do you think your goals will be attainable if you procrastinate?

Setting a Resolution really does not mean you have a plan, you just want to do something.

Goal setting means you develop a plan to achieve something. So let’s get going with setting our Healthy Goals for 2021!

What GOALS do you have set for yourself personally and professionally for 2021?

Do you have a plan to begin working toward those goals?

Contact me! http://www.qualifiedwellnesssolutions.com/contact I can help you develop a Healthy Lifestyle by helping you to develop an individualized plan, setting healthy attainable goals and guiding you toward reaching those healthy goals!

In my next Blog, I will talk about developing the Mindset to help you want to develop healthy goals! Don’t miss out, it will be published 1/18/2021

Tina Butt, APRN, Health and Wellness Coach & Healthcare Advocate

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