About Boost Mode

Our Vision

We at Boost Mode Vitadrip Spa want to help our patients achieve health and wellness through the use of evidence based IV hydration and vitamin therapy.

The goal should be to prevent illness before you have to treat disease. We help you achieve this by getting to the underlying cause of the symptom that ails you so we can prevent it from turning into an illness. We can review bloodwork and compare with the symptoms you may have , then develop an individualized approach to your healing by providing vitamin and mineral infusion or injection therapy.

Rather than relying on oral nutritional supplements that take time to break down, therefore limiting the actual ingredients you will absorb in your body, we use some of the same ingredients such as B Complex, B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Vitamin C and much more; but we infuse them through an intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous route, bypassing the gut and getting directly into the bloodstream resulting in complete absorption and utilization of healthy nutrients.

The result is: an effective BOOST in your health, energy and immunity!

Our Mission

Our passion at Boost Mode Vitadrip Spa is to offer alternative options to support your health and wellness! We offer customized hydration drips that are based on your needs, whether you’re looking for an energy boost or some relaxation after a long day, we can help.

Our IV drips are infused using 500-1000 ml saline with vitamins, minerals and/or essential amino acids. We have an extensive menu of ingredients to give you the opportunity to take your health and wellness to levels you never knew were possible. You also have the opportunity to adjust the ingredients in the menu so you can meet your individual needs.

IV hydration may help with replacing essential nutrients your body may be lacking due to acute/chronic illness causing poor absorption; Improve your energy; Improve focus and athletic performance; and provide overall hydration.

By offering Vitamins in an injectable form, we can decrease yout treatment time and assist those that are not interested in an IV.

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Prevent illness before you have to treat disease