Are You Resistant To Your Own Body?

Tina Butt

The question I get asked a lot is “why can’t I lose weight”?

That answer is not simple and there is not a simple solution!

If losing weight were easy don’t you think everyone would be thin?

I bet you have been told

  • “You need to lose weight”
  • “Stop eating carbs”
  • “Exercise more”
  • “You need more sleep”

These comments are very vague. I remember thinking to myself………”duh I know I need to sleep, lose weight and move more but I am not giving up my carbs!”

I also remember looking up on the computer how to lose weight, what kind of exercise is “best”, what I should eat and what time of day i needed to eat. I was always so confused that I ended up either not starting or falling of track when I did start.

Knowing the importance of losing weight but also why it was so difficult for me to lose the weight is why I was able to begin the program that was right for me………

Do you suffer from Insulin Resistance?

This is when the body makes the hormone Insulin but cannot use it correctly. This will cause the body to have higher than normal levels of Insulin and Glucose. Well what do you think the result is……….YES!!!!! Weight gain! and a whole bunch of symptoms. Take a peek at the following picture I developed to show what Insulin Resistance is.

As you can see by the diagram, glucose is supposed to enter your blood cells so it can be transported through your body to be used for energy. 

The hormone Insulin is the “Key” that unlocks the “door” to allow the glucose to enter your cells. 

If the Insulin cannot open up your cells for the glucose to get out into the body then you will accumulate both of them. This is Insulin Resistance in a nutshell!

Now you have high levels of glucose and insulin floating around in your body. This resistance causes your body to store the excess glucose as fat slowing your metabolism down. This will increase food cravings and cause a generalized inflammatory process leading to metabolic syndrome. This is how people develop Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, fatigue, chronic pain and many more chronic diseases such as Autoimmune Disease. 

When you focus on eating for your health instead of just to lose weight, you will reduce your risk of developing insulin resistance or you can completely reverse the insulin resistance you are currently experiencing. Sustainable weight loss is possible with the right knowledge and dedication. By living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle you will start to feel better, experience less stress, increase your energy and your metabolism causing you to burn more fat. 

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Knowing that you have Insulin Resistance sets the stage for you to start taking care of it.

Instead of going back and forth to your Medical Provider and searching for an answer to WHY you are not feeling well, look at your current lifestyle.

  • Do you eat a healthy well balanced diet
  • Do you restrict food groups from your diet
  • Are you always searching for the next weight loss fad
  • Are the current relationships you are in healthy
  • Do you have a support system in place
  • Are you active
  • Do you walk more than sit
  • Are you able to manage the stress in your life
  • Do you have healthy boundaries in place
  • Are you ready to accept the responsibility for your past, current and future choices
  • Do you agree that it is your own choices that got you to where you are today
  • Do you understand it is your own voice telling you that you cannot have what you want

In other words stop searching for the answer when the answer is right in front of YOU!

You are the answer!

When you start holding yourself Accountable for your own actions and thoughts and stop holding others responsible, you will begin to HEAL!

Stop looking at your past and blaming what has happened in your life as the cause for how you live today!

How do you treat Insulin Resistance?

You need to improve your insulin Sensitivity. Meaning you need to live an overall healthy lifestyle that will allow your bodies cells to function the way they were meant to so you can feel:

  • healthy
  • free from disease
  • lose weight
  • have more energy
  • get up and go!

Quit searching for the quick fix and do what it takes to regain your health. The best way to gain a healthy life is by living an Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle.

  • A LIFESTYLE! Not trend, diet, fad

Maybe you feel alone and need support?