Be Selfish!

Tina Butt

When we talk about living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle the importance of it is to live a life free from inflammation or to at least minimalize it!

Chronic inflammation can be caused from chronic, ongoing stress.

The stress can be from anything!

  • illness
  • pain
  • emotions
  • lack of sleep
  • negative relationships
  • poor diet
  • lack of activity
  • obesity
  • and many more…….

We can’t get rid of stress so it is important to be able to manage the stress that we are confronted with in order to minimize its effects on our body.

This means learning and doing activities that can benefit your mind, body and spirit!

Self care activities are some of the most important things we can do when caring for oursleves. This doesn’t just mean taking a bath, reading a book or going for a walk.

Do you now how many people tell me they “feel guilty” when they do something for themselves? I was one of them, trust me!!!

When my daughter was little, I really did not have time in my life for “me time”. I was starting a new career, had a preemie and was married. From the time I woke up until the time I went to bed was me doing for someone else.

  • patient care
  • wife duties
  • mother duties
  • daughter/family duties

Every day, I took care of so many people, and I was GOOD at it and I loved it! But I was NOT good at taking care of myself.

I wouldn’t spend the money on me, but I spent it on others.

I wouldn’t go to nice restaurants unless someone else invited me/us.

I wouldn’t buy the pretty blouse because I “didn’t need it”.

I wouldn’t take the nice trip because someone else at work needed the time off.

I wouldn’t take holidays off because someone with a family needed it off(what about my family).

I was NOT assertive in telling people my needs/wants.

A massage? What was that?

Basically I DID NOT CARE ABOUT MYSELF enough to hold a standard as high as I held for others.


Over time guess what happened?

Yep! It took its toll on me for sure.

I started to break down mentally and physiclly, eventually causing me to get sick.

If I would have just put me in front of everyone, I would have been able to keep going and continue to take care of others. But unfortuanately because I didn’t take care of myself causing me to get sick, I was unable to provide the same level of care to EVERYONE around me.

Self Care should be “selfish”. It should be YOU putting YOU as a top priority. You at the front of the line. YOU first.

If you take care of YOU then you will have the energy, stamina, and the want to continue taking care of others.

It’s like you are on an airplane. You are told to put YOUR oxygen mask on FIRST! That way you stay well enough to help the others around you as the need arises. If you don’t have your oxygen mask on then you will DIE! You take care of you so you can take care of others. Do you think that is selfish??

NO! Without you there available to help, who will others depend on? It’s selfish to NOT take care of YOU first! It’s SMART!

XO, Tina