Can Leaves Help Us Heal?

Tina Butt

The Bay leaf!

I have used this leaf to make sauces(especially homemade pasta sauce).

Recently a member in my Private Facebook group, Holistic Wellness for Women , shared what a BAY leaf can do for our health!

This intrigued me, so I did some research! You see, I love natural remedies that include edible items and food not commercial products that say they “will cure you”.

Plants have been grown for centuries and used for medicinal purposes.

If plants have been used for so long to prevent and heal disease, then why is it that when we talk about eating plants for our health and wellness, we get so many strange looks?

People still follow “fad diets”, order the latest smoothie from a commercial on TV, buy that pill that claims”you will lose weight fast”, and are always looking for that quick fix.

I like to find information on holistic ways we can manage our health, so when I was introduced to the idea that a Bay Leaf could benefit us, I had to start my learning and sharing process. I learned about the herb, so now I want to share what I have learned!

The Bay Leaf has so many potential health benefits. A leaf that I have only used for pasta sauce. I cannot believe this leaf was hiding from me!

  • Source for Multiple Vitamins- Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium and Magnesium. This is perfect for just about anyone!
  • Migraine treatment- my understanding through my research is the calcium and magnesium has been used for years to treat and prevent neurologic symptoms, such as Migraines.
  • Help aid in digestive issues- there is information that these leafs can breakdown proteins, and help increase digestion.
  • I also read that these leaves can help breakdown sugar, helping with insulin resistance.
  • Use on the skin to assist with dryness, eczema and fine lines and wrinkles.
  • These leaves have anti inflammatory (a topic I love and educate on), antibacterial and anti fatigue properties. This means they can help with skin infections, chronic generalized pain, acute pain and muscle soreness.
  • Aid in lowering blood pressure

I must mention that through this research, it has been noted to NOT ingest the actual leaf!

  • You place the leaf in water and boil. Then you ingest, apply or breath in the liquid.
  • The leaf is very firm and sharp and if not chewed well, it can cause harm to the GU tract if swallowed.

That being said, you can ingest after you pulverize, grind, blend but only after cooking in a liquid to soften the leaf.

I now have a new NATURAL/HOLISTIC treatment that I can use and share with YOU! I would love to hear your comments on this Herb(the “H” is silent)! I just love to learn new things!

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