Can you heal yourself from chronic disease?

Tina Butt

Do you believe that all disease is a result of stress?

There are different types of stress: physical, emotional, chemical which knock the brain/body out of balance,causing Adrenal system failure. leading to the use of our fight or flight system. Our bodies are in this fight or flight situation releasing cortisol and adrenaline into our body. Every time we are in this situation, our organs are at decreased function. The needed nutrients are sent and used by your muscular system to “fight” instead of being sent to your entire body of organs. Chronically, the following systems are affected from chronic stress:

Gut– unable to digest food properly, unable to eliminate toxins

Brain – memory and concentration are decreased

Immune system– deceased, unable to fight off invasions/infection

Many forms of illness and disease are ultimately caused by chronic stress. I read from an unknown author on the National Ag Safety Database(NASD) website, that approximately 90% of doctor office visits are due to stress related illness such as:

  • Headaches, autoimmune disease, infections, depression, chronic pain, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety

Every symptom that we feel, means something. If we ignore these signs, the symptoms will continue and will even divide. We need to listen to our body in order to protect it and treat it.

The most common form of treatment of stress related illnesses are by getting treatment from a medical provider for a symptom. This symptom management results in a prescription medication which results in a potential side effect, resulting in another medication. The underlying illness is still there.

Medicine is great for acute illness and surgical issues since we need a quick fix. Chronic disease occurs over time, a “quick fix” will not work.

So, how do we treat chronic disease? The best way is through prevention of disease in the first place.

Autoimmune disease is from an unknown cause. But, there is something causing the symptoms, causing the body to become ill and turn on itself, hence-autoimmune. Most literature states that autoimmune disease is “of unknown etiology”. That means there is an unknown cause.

The actual cause of these autoimmune diseases is from chronic inflammation. Our gut is supposed to clean us through eliminations of pathogens from entering the rest of our body. But, when our gut cannot clean itself out, we develop a buildup of toxins in our gut and in our body causing an inflammatory response.

Understanding our mind and thoughts will shape our ability to heal ourselves.

How do we treat the chronic inflammation and heal our chronic symptoms?

  • Through our diet with whole foods, mostly plant based, limited alcohol, no sugar, no processed foods
  • Decreased stress or at least a better response to stress through meditation, coping skills, breathing exercises, natural healing.
  • Positive thinking- negative thoughts bring negative response. So, positive thoughts will bring positive response. The more you think positively, the better your outcome will be with limited thoughts.
  • Deal with beliefs that are being carried that cause a negative effect on health- past trauma, fears, anger
  • Learn how to ask for help and to connect with others
  • Be willing to make positive changes!

Lets get to work on you learning ways to cope with stressful situations, so you can heal from your current health struggles and prevent disease through rest and repair rather than fight or flight. This will result in calming your nervous system and mind, and feeling more positive and happy, thus decreasing chronic inflammation and healing your chronic symptoms. Contact me for a free 30 minute discovery session!

Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

Owner, Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC