Combat Stress and Anxiety to Support Your Immune System

Tina Butt

Do you wonder why there are times you feel great and other times that you feel under the weather? Stress could be the culprit!

Maybe you have been super busy at work or running the kids to and from school and sports. Maybe you are not sleeping well. Or, you are the caregiver to a loved one who has been requiring your help more lately. You just do not have enough hours in a day to get it all done!

Whatever the cause of your stress, you need to get a handle on it as soon as possible. The longer our mind and body are under the effects of these stressors, the higher our risk for illness.

Most recently, I was under a great deal of stress. I tried to push my thoughts aside, not dealing with them. This caused me to experience a shift in my emotions, increasing my anxiety levels and having a flareup of some symptoms related to an autoimmune disease. I developed headaches, heartburn, fatigue, sadness and pain. This lasted about a month, then I realized what the issue was. STRESS! I needed to fix the issue ASAP.

I tapped into the tools that I provide my coaching clients. These are the 10 tools that I recommend using to ease the overall effects of stress. We can never get rid of stress, but we need to learn the tools to help deal with our daily stressors as well as the occasional increased stress levels.

1. Journaling

2. Breathwork

3. Meditation

4. Daily Affirmations

5. Healthy eating and appropriate water intake

6. Daily exercise

7. Good sleep hygiene

8. Find personal time

9. Laugh

10. Ask for help (the one I struggle with the most)

Yes, if your stressor is something that can be replaced, by all means do it. Maybe you need to refect on the stressor and make a decision about keeping it or eliminating it.

  • Is it time to get a new job?
  • Maybe the friendship is causing more heartache than happiness.
  • That relationship you are in may not be just a rough patch, maybe its a toxic relationship.
  • Your babysitter has called off too many times, start interviewing for a new one.

Whatever your stressor is, let’s find a way for you to eliminate it or at least work with it so your health does not suffer any longer. Did you know that a Wellness Coach will guide you in a healthy direction? A coach will provide you with the individualized tools needed to decrease your stress levels and live a happy, healthy life.

Contact me so I can begin working with you on goal setting and implementing a systematic approach so you will achieve your health and wellness goals. We will develop an individualized plan so you can reach those health goals, while learning mindful healthy habits. Contact Tina

Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

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