Do you ever feel like your brain is on FIRE!!

Tina Butt

Burnout! OK, It has taken me some time to be able to discuss this with people! I feel like all we hear about is COVID/pandemic or racial diversity or negativity toward police officers and lets not forget talk about the views people have on out political issues!

Since I am a front line worker and deal with COVID patients Mon-Fri, I see what it is doing to people: patients, families, children and health care workers. It is stressing people out. EVERYONE! We wake up to COVID and fall asleep to COVID. It’s on the TV, news, radio, internet and social media. Whoever we talk to, a conversation about COVID is brought up. People are sick and dying. The fear of this pandemic is real and is not going away any time soon. Yet, people are fighting about MASKS: Do we need them? They don’t work! They are unhealthy. It’s against my constitutional right to wear one! Not many people are thinking about the fact that it may just protect their loved ones and neighbors! What about thinking of others?

Lets talk about racial diversity! There are so many different views on this topic. Why can’t the adults stop and think before passing judgment? The way adults act is being passed on to the children around them. We wonder why in 2020, we continue to have a division in terms of different races in America. Each race is fighting for their own rights and beliefs; in the process of this, there is a subtle act of “hierarchy” and entitlement. Instead of proving right from wrong, is it possible to accept each other and the differences we bring forth? It’s a great thing to be different- how boring would life be if we were all the same? Imagine what a person would learn from each other, if we allow ourselves the opportunity? Is it too difficult to accept differences?

Political issues need to be mentioned here! Look at the government. There is even fighting and entitlement in this entity. Democrat vs Republican. Right vs Wrong. The people in the USA look to the government for assistance, a voice and the law. How do we trust this entity when even their views are so different from each other?

I will not complete this BLOG without mentioning our police officers! Are people serious when they think the USA would be “better off without the Police”. People are fighting them, demeaning them, hitting them, shooting them. Imagine waking up each day, going to your job and wondering what will happen to you or your family because of the career path you chose!! They chose this path to serve and maintain safety! DO they all deserve to be treated so negatively?

Can you see the trend in what I have mentioned above?

The word ALL comes to mind. People are ALL or NOTHING! People are placing blame on “ALL” not on themselves. People are fighting each other, their neighbor, their family and friends. How do we stop this fighting when the leadership we currently have continue to show the same mentality? How do I continue to teach my daughter to like and trust others? Like each other for who they are? Do not judge all for some making poor judgement?

There is a lot that has been going on in the past 4 months. Look again at what I mentioned above! No wonder our brains are on fire! These are some serious events going on in the USA right now. They are not small topics, these are topics that spark emotion and conversation. Everyone has a view on each one of these topics, but we need to look at both sides of a story, not jump to a quick conclusion. The fact that we are entering a stage of BURNOUT, means there is a high probability we will see more aggression and negativity.

Let’s STOP and think of our children. If you want peace and happiness, ALL of us need to set a positive example for our children; the children in your home, next door, at your church, schools and down the street.

I don’t know about you, but I am in complete BURNOUT at the moment. I’m tired! Tired of listening to all the negativity; tired of watching the negativity; tired of trying to protect myself and my family; tired of always being on the defense; what am I allowed to say or do; how should I act?!

Let’s STOP and respect each other! Listen to someone else’s view. You may not agree, but why can’t you just STOP and listen? Just because another person may “think” different or “look” different than you, does that make it impossible to respect these differences?

Think about this for me! I want my child to grow up respecting everyone and in turn get the same respect! It saddens my heart that she is growing up in such a negative environment.

What are your thoughts on BURNOUT? How are you handling life’s current situation(s)? Comment below!

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