Do you ever wonder where FEELINGS come from?

Tina Butt

Feelings are a “belief” we have about something or someone.

There are 4 main Feelings that we have:

  1. Happiness
  2. Sadness
  3. Anger
  4. Fear

Have you tried to do something and you just could not reach the end result? Stop and think about what was going on in your head while you were attempting to reach a goal that you really wanted to get to. You were within reach, but just could not hit it. How did that make you feel?

I could imagine you probably felt sad, anger and maybe even fear.

These feelings are REAL. Over time and after several failed attempts you will eventually start to “feel” like quitting, not trying again, giving up, thinking you don’t deserve it, or telling yourself you no longer need to reach that goal. These feelings will eventually become stories that we make up in our minds to get us through the failed attempts. Eventually, after several failed attempts, we quit; we stop trying; we give up.

Can you relate to this?

I know I can!

Through the years and all of the FEELINGS you have had which turned into stories, you have developed new thought patterns. These patterns are what hold you back or push you forward.

These patterns turn into HABITS. You start to develop habits that are either healthy or unhealthy; positive or negative.

These habits are part of your story!

So how do you change these patterns of unhealthy behavior?

Over the years I have worked at achieving many different things such as weight loss, jobs, higher education, relationships. Personal development is very important, so I was able to meet my goals as I set them except for my “healthy weight”. This was always a struggle as I tried dieting and different workouts. Nothing worked for me; I was never able to reach my healthy weight goals. It wasn’t until I learned the trick…….

The trick was that I needed to evaluate my entire self not just eat “right” and exercise. There is no one size fits all for living a healthy lifestyle as my lifestyle is different from yours!

Have you tried to follow the same diet as your spouse, best friend, family member or co-worker. It worked for them but not for you? WHY?

Our bodies are all different. We each need different nutrients according to how we live, our genetics and our overall health needs.

EXERCISE: use the 4 FEELINGS listed above to find your habits

  • Journal your food and drink intake for at least 1 week-7 days
  • Keep track of your mood when you eat or drink for 1 week-7 days- how do you feel before and after?
  • Track your activiy-how active and what activity do you do daily
  • Track how you feel after the activity/exercise that you complete- how sore are you, how much energy did you use, were you fatigued; how long did these feelings last?
  • After 1 week, review your journal. Can you find trends?

If you need help with this reach out to me!

I needed to learn what worked for me! That is when I started doing research and devloped a plan specific for me!

That plan was made specific to my bodies requirements, needs and wants. I had to learn to STOP and listen to my body. When I started listening I heard what my body needed: cravings, thirst, nutrients, rest, activity. This is when I started noticing the biggest effect on my health.

Once you start listening to your own body, you will find the trends that are usually your habits. Once you know your habits you can develop a plan:

  • Which habit help you- place a GREEN star by these
  • Which habits harm you- place a RED star by these

You can build upon the GREEN ones and work on stopping the RED ones.

If you want to make personalized changes to your body, you need to listen to your body, find your habits and determine if these habits are positive or negative. Pay attention to the negative habits, these are the ones you need to change to POSITIVE!

Once you do this, you will start to see sustainable changes in your health! Imagine how nice it would be to reach those health goals you so desire.

Reach out for help! Contact Tina