February: Respect Differences/Developing Healthy Relationships

Tina Butt

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Steps to Develop Healthy Boundaries

Step1: Define what your boundaries are.

  • What boundaries do you already have
  • What boundaries are you lacking

Step 2: Communicate your boundaries to others.

  • Say NO simply and firmly
  • Do not give an explanation

Step 3: Keep your boundaries simple.

  • Keep the focus on YOU
  • Give details (“I need you to knock on my door before you come in every time”)

Step 4: Set consequences for broken boundaries.

  • State clearly why they are important to you
  • Stick to your own rules


  • Write down 1 professional boundary that you want to set and follow the steps
  • Write down 1 personal boundary that you want to set and follow the steps above.

The 2 boundaries you have written, I want you to use them this week with others.

Maybe your boss wants you to work “a couple hours” and you don’t want to. Say NO, Now is your time!

Whatever the issue that you are dealing with internally, this week, stand up for YOU and say NO!


5 Tips for Setting Expectations

When we set expectations for ourselves or others, we are reducing confusion of what we want. Expectations are actually the ideas we have of how good or bad something is for us.

If your expectations are LOW– you feel as though you will not be disappointed. This is the easy
way to achieve something.

If your expectations are HIGH– You may find yourself disappointed if you did not accomplish
what you set out for.

In order for people to know what you EXPECT from them, you must do the following

  • Communicate clearly
  • Set realistic goals for others and yourself
  • Set a time frame for when you want a person to complete your request or for you to
    achieve your goal.
  • Always strive for GROWTH!
  • Do not strive for perfection- this is where the disappointment comes in.

Setting expectations are important for many reasons:

  • Reduce confusion
  • Setting goals
  • Increase confidence
  • Lead to success

Here are 5 TIPS For Setting Expectations

  1. Have a vision or a goal
  2. Stay in tune with your values
  3. Set realistic goals for self and others
  4. Put these expectations/goals in writing
  5. Focus on the outcome

Now…… Let’s start today!!!!