Get Over Yourself and Believe You Can Do It!

Tina Butt

I know you do it, we all do it!

The expectations we have for ourself and for others is either very high or very low!

Which one are you?

Mine is HIGH!

I have always been that person who aimed for being the best I could be; make no errors; not settling for anything but the “best”; working as hard as I could.

In doing this I burnt myself out!

I see other people do it all the time. Women in particular. There was a lady (who shall remain namelsss) that wanted everyone from the outside to think her life was “perfect”. She drove the fancy car, wore the fancy clothing, shopped at the extravageant department stores, only vacationed at the best spots and treated everyone along the way. But…..

In real life, she suffered from anxiety and depression; a cheating husband and credit card debt through the roof. But……

Anyone who saw her or thought they knew her, thought she was the happiest woman they knew and strived to be just like her. Little did they know, that she wanted to be like those other women….happy, fulfilled and in a healthy relationship. She just could not allow that to occur since she was painting a pretty picture of what she thought a female should look like.

The voices in her head were telling her to be “perfect”, that others will not like her if she does not have all of the fancy things; she will not fit into the right crowd if she does not appear to be “perfect”.

She had these stories in her head that told her that noone would respect her if she did not do the things she was doing. This was her way to feel important. She really did not give others a chance to speak up or let her know what they thought of her, she just assumed.

The other end of this spectrum is the person who has LOW expectations for themselves. This person most likely has low self esteem and talks themselves into believing they cannot do the things they desire to achieve.

This type of female looks at the beautiful women driving the fancy car, wearing the fancy clothes and buying the expensive things and wishes she could have all of it.

Why does this female think she cannot have these things?

Because of those voices in her head!!

The voices telling her she is not good enough to have the nice things.

The voices telling her she does not deserve to be around certain people.

The voices telling her she is not pretty enough to wear beautiful things.

The voices telling her she does not need to look good.

And so many other voices.

Both of these women have similarities.

One puts on a show making others believe she is someone she is not. The other does not believe she cn be somebody.

I think at times each one of us have both of these women in us.

We need to get over ojurselves and out of our own way, stop the negative thinking and do all of the powerful things we desire.

We need to get out of our own way. Stop making excuses for why we are who we are. Stop blaming others for who we become. Stop accusing our past as the result of our present and future.

Start accepting ourselves for who we are. Start allowing ourselves to fail and learn from our failures. Start lettign ourselves move on! Start living life how we want to live life not according to how we think we should live life.

For this blog I just want you to read the words (maybe more than once) and truly look at yourself.

Are you one of the women I talked about?

Which one are you?

What made you this woman?

Who made you this woman?

LET IT GO TODAY! As of today I want you to let go of the stories, the past, the excuses, the make believe.

Live your life how you DESIRE!

Do what makes you SMILE!

What would make you HAPPY, FULFILLED and FREE?

  • free from pain
  • free from illness
  • free from the negative relationships
  • free from negativity
  • free from your past
  • free from your own stories
  • free from the obstacles you have developed
  • free from crap you put in your body and do to your body

Be HONEST with yourself! It’s YOU holding YOU back. Noone else!