Health Risks of What You Put in Your Mouth

Tina Butt

Do you ever think before you put something in your mouth? You have been taught to “think before you speak”, but have you been taught to think before you eat? Do you wonder why you are not losing weight or why you always feel bloated or why you have daily fatigue when you have not been diagnosed with an actual medical disease? Or maybe, you struggle with headaches, acne, constipation alternating with diarrhea. Well I struggled with all of these things! I am still working on my health every day as you should be. Achieving a healthy well balanced life is a process that requires daily conscious thoughts so you can adjust your behaviors to meet your health needs.

For years I struggled with the above symptoms along with some others that finally made me ill enough I started searching for my own answers. The common behavior for humans is to seek medical assistance for a symptom, get a bunch of diagnostic tests and possibly get a diagnosis. This diagnosis will eventually be treated with prescription medications, if there is a medicine available for the diagnosis you received. Sometimes, a diagnosis is “of unknown etiology” and there is no cause that is known or treatment to make it go away. Medical providers in general do not look for the underlying cause, “root cause”, of the symptoms we carry. Then what?

A lot of our medical diseases have a “root cause” of poor food choices, or the wrong food choices for your body. Your diet plays a key role in your general health. If you are suffering with the above symptoms, it is time to make a conscious effort to look at the foods you are putting in your mouth and learn about them. Learn what food can do to you and for you!

Heart disease, diabetes, strokes, vascular disease, migraines, Irritable bowel disease, and many more have been shown to have a strong correlation to the diet we consume, the food choices we make, and the lack of healthy foods we ingest.

I want to give you 7 ways to start on your road to wellness.

  1. Track the foods your are ingesting- write every piece of food you ingest in a notebook. Don’t cheat yourself, be honest with this!
  2. Keep track of how much you are eating- this means while you are tracking your food choices you should also pay attention to the size of your serving. Learn portion sizes, stick to the correct portion size to help you decrease calories and assist with weight loss if this is what you are looking to achieve.
  3. Journal your thoughts- by connecting with your thoughts, you can work on why you struggle with a stuck mindset and the inability to reach your wellness goals. In this process, write your thoughts about food: why you eat, how you feel when you eat, what time of day you eat.
  4. Learn what food is! This means learn what the nutrients are in the foods you choose to eat. Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. The goal is to understand the benefit and the risk of the food choices you make. This will help you to make better choices.
  5. Pay attention to your likes and dislikes- it may be time to adjust your thoughts on the foods you think you don’t like. Add 1 new food to your menu each day! Learn new foods. You never know if you will like them or not.
  6. Seek help from a Health Coach. This person can help hold you accountable, educate you, motivate you and help you get your mind straight so you can reach your health and wellness goals.
  7. Start listening to your body- your body talks to you all day. You just chose to ignore what it is saying. How can you fix what is broken if you don’t listen and learn?

These tools will help you to get on the right track! This is what I did to improve my health with diet, no prescription medications! I corrected high cholesterol, migraines, acne, gastrointestinal distress, and muscle and nerve issues. I worked on my mind to see that I was an emotional eater; I snacked on food when happy, sad, and stressed. I snacked on food when I was tired. Now, I eat for health. I eat when I am hungry and I eat a well balanced diet free from emotion. I want this for you as well. I want you to find your health through what you put in your mouth!


Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

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2 thoughts on “Health Risks of What You Put in Your Mouth”

  1. Think you’re spot on there, what we put in our body in terms of food has a direct link to our overall health. I had T2 diabetes from basically the wrong food choices. Following changing my diet and losing weight I have reduced my blood glucose levels to normal limits and been able to come off all medications .

    • Martin, Thats exactly why I do what i do. Because of people like you! It is hard work, but when taken seriously people can get healthier and not suffer so much from poor health!! Good for you!!

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