High Dose Vitamin C

Tina Butt


When I started my IV Hydration business I was approached by several friends and colleagues inquiring about the use of High Dose Vitamin C in Cancer patients. Upon my reviews and past experience as well my current medical knowledge it appears that this controversioal Vitamin can have a place in a person who is or who has recently undergone therapy for their cancer. The above article is very well written, yes it is heavy in medical lingo, but the end result is………

There is a place in our wellness plans for the use of High Dose Vitamin C.

Oral Vitamin C at certain levels can cause side effects, especially to our GI tract: esophagitis, stomach ulcers, indigestion, oral ulcers etc. We also do not absorb oral supplements completely, therefore the oral form of this vitamin will not be utilized to its maximal benefit.

Instilling Vitamin C in IV fluids goes directly into the vein, attaches to the blood vessels to make its way around the body exerting its effects, calming the immune system, helping to repair tissues, assisting in absorbing iron to prevent iron deficient anemia, improving wound healing and possibly decreasing the risk of developing cognitive decline/dementia.

Needless to say, YES I use Vitamin C in the IV Hydration that I provide in my office. NO, not everyone gets a high dose, but I can adjust it according to each persons needs. Vitamin C is one of the supplements added to my BOOST Immunity drip! We can all benefit from a BOOST in our immune system given the ongoing stress our bodies are under from emotions, illness, ingestion of alcohol, chemicals and medications.

My saying stands…………

We need to PREVENT illness before we need to TREAT disease!