Learn What Your Body Desires For Health

Tina Butt


What does it mean to you?

To me, Health(y) means to feel well from head to toe free from active pain and disease. THis does not mean a “healthy” person is free from illness or disease, but they are dealing with their illness/disease to feel well free from complications, pain and active illness.

I am a believer of a healthy lifestyle and an advocate for Health. I empower people, you, to live a healthy lifestyle. In order for you to do that you need to understand what Health is and how to get healthy.

To live a Healthy lifestyle means you need to take accountability for your own actions and the health state that you are in right NOW!

In order to hold yourself accountable, you need to be aware of your mind, body and soul. This means paying attention to what you are thinking and how you are feeling.

  • Listen to what your mind and body are telling you?
  • What feelings are you having?
  • What sensations are you feeling?

There are areas of our health that are important to pay attention to. If one area is “sick”, the other areas are at a higher risk of following suite. Thease areas if balanced will allow you to live a life of wellness.

  1. Emotional
  2. Physical/Health
  3. Occupation/Career
  4. Relationships
  5. Spiritual
  6. Financial
  7. Intillectual
  8. Environmental

Review this handout then try to follow the directions.

Be very honest with yourself as you complete this exercise. If you feel comfortable email a copy of this to me with your present scores. I will take a peek and send you my thoughts.

Then re-evaluate this Box of Wellness each month. You should see your scores improve.

This Membership program gives you the tools to reach generalized wellness as long as you incorporate the tools provided for you to change your unhealthy habits.

By reviewing this Box of Wellness regularly, you can catch yourself sooner if you should stray from the plan you have developed. You will be able to rebalance your mind, body and soul to begin feeling well again; free from pain, increased energy and overall improved health.

Isn’t that what you want? Improved health? Weight loss? Healing from illness? The opportunity to learn a new healthy way to live?

Stop being a a long term learner; be a doer! Incorporate what you have learned as a VIP in this Membership so you can reach your individualized health goals.

An easy example is: if you lost your job and finances are suffering, this will cause you to experience emotional stress causing you to change the normal care you provide to your body leading to a change in your diet and activity so your physical health will suffer; your relationships may suffer due to stress in the home and personally; making you feel “less than” because you lost your job; eventually without money coming in and lack of support you may lose your home.

See………All 8 areas can be affected by ONE change in your once balanced lifestyle.

Balance is KEY to HEALTH!

Balance means you are not giving something up to start something new, you are working on each area simultaneously as they each fit together like a puzzle; hence, living a well balanced healthy lifestyle

This is what you want right? I know I do! I work on balancing my life daily. I monitor my thoughts, feelings, physical health, emotions, relationships, career choice, finances, environment and spiritual wellness EVERY day! I definately feel off balance when one of these areas are out of line. Once I re-evaluate and get back on track my health status improves.

The goal is recognizing when one area is out of balance. Evaluate the area, make necessary adjustments, be active in changing your habits/thoughts/behaviors, so you can achieve YOUR OWN well balanced lifestyle free from illness and full of HEALTH and wellness.

If you have a difficult time listening to your mind, body and soul reach out to me. Check out what my Master Your Health Membership will do for you to get you on your HEALTHY path; free from pain, weight loss, increased energy and the feeling of self love. HEALTH begins with YOU!

Take the next step to take care of YOU! Noone can do it for you. Hold yourself accountable for the choices you have made this far, change those unhealthy habits to healthy options. You cannot change what has been done but you can change how to think and deal with your health now and in the future.

XoXo, Tina