March: Managing Emotions

Tina Butt

The importance of managing your emotions can be found when tracking your daily habits in how you handle situations as they arise. Paying attention to how you feel when you are angry, happy, sad, and fearful will help to see if you are managing them in a healthy manner. Remember, stressful situations that occur over time will cause chronic inflammation in the body leading to illness. Managing your reaction to a situation in which your FEELINGS are out of proportion for the situation is key. When your feelings are out of control your health, relationships, and mentation will begin to suffer.

Here are my tips for managing your emotions to limit the impact of stress on your mind and

  1. Journal how you feel and how you manage those feelings
  2. Be aware of the feelings as they arise- learn to listen to your mind and body.
  3. Accept the emotion and move past it-do not suppress how you feel. Allow yourself to feel
    but control the feeling(s)
  4. When emotions are out of control, use your coping tools: deep breaths, meditation.
  5. Walk away from a situation, gather your thoughts then readdress it with a clear mind
  6. Admit when you need help- therapy, coaching even a friend

Give this a try. Make it a GOAL for your month to learn how to manage your emotions.

XOXO, Tina