Oh No, My Roots are Showing!

Tina Butt

Well, most of us have been in our homes as advised for 8 days in Ohio. I am just starting to hear my friends and family as well as co-workers getting nervous about their appearance. Without our Beauticians, Barbers, Massage therapists, Nail Technicicans and Tanning salons what will we look like when the “In Home Order” is complete.

Facial hair, neck hair, even ear hair will get out of control!!

Our roots will show!!! Luckily you have to remain in your home so noone will see them;) unless you are one that needs to work! Then “everyone will see your roots” for what they are.

When you start to feel stress and tense, your neck muscles will take the brunt of your emotions. This will increase pain and headaches leading to more stress.

Your nails will chip, break and lack color without gel polish on them! How will you be able to look at them like this? How will you let anyone see you “real” nails?

No way!!!! You will have pale, pastey skin in March. How will you deal with this?

After hearing people with these worries, I started to pay more attention to ideas that people may be able to temporarily use from their own home. I have to admit, I am a very simple person. I do my own nails, I am used to being pale but I do use a self tanner every Spring(which I bought in prep for my vacation that got cancelled), my hair was cut and colored just prior to the “stay at home order”. I worry more about going to work daily than I do my appearance; I worry more about the wellness of my family than my appearance; I look at it like this, we will all need a makeover when this is over- personal and professional. This “in home order” will test us all. But, for those of you that are concerned with how you will appear when you are home or out in the work-force, I found some tips! Maybe I should be more concerned??

U-tube! I saw videos of professional Beauticians giving advice and showing how and what products to use at home so you can keep your hair color and and texture under control. Most of these products you can buy on line or at a local store.

Partners can help cut, shave and trim neck hair! Be careful not to trim too much!! But then again, you will have to do it less often if you do right?

If you don’t own a “nose trimmer” buy one from Walmart or on-line. Then do it yourself!

U-tube also has videos with professionals explaining how you can bleach and /or trim facial hair and what prodicts are safe!

My Beautician offered a package that she put together with supplies specific for each client of hers. This is a great idea, it is something to hold people over. I bet I could even reach out to her for questions if I needed to.

Reach out to your Beautician or Barber. Ask them for advice and product guidance. They may be the best, but for temporary situations, they can lead you to beauty in a safe manner.

Self tanner! There are so many. I am a redhead and definitely pale!! I personally use an all natural lotion, Beauty By Earth. I apply it with a mitt. I order both of these from Amazon! You can do this yourself! clean, dry skin. Exfoliate first. apply lotion or coconut oil to ankles, heels, elbows and any other areas that are subject to staining. This particular lotion is only applied 1 time a week or approximately every 5-7 days.

As for nails. Gel nails are great and easy to do at home! I have used the same brand for years, Red Carpet. It can be bought on Amazon I buy mine at Ulta. The directions are simple and my nails last at least 2 weeks. They are soaked off with acetone. I bought the reusable polish remover clips from Amazon.

The other thought is , maybe it is time to relax and not put so much time and pressure into looking perfect all of the time. This would be a way to decrease some stress in our lives. Change up our routines. What is the worst that can happen?

Be proud of who we are and what we look like. We would be teaching our children to also be proud of themselves and what they look like; to be proud of who they are and who they can become. Our society puts a lot of effort into our appearance! What if we put this same amount of time, effort and money into helping others, into relaxation, into learning new behaviors, into listening, into slowing down, or into learning a hobby?

What would happen? How would you feel? If this thought stresses you, then you are the one that needs to relax your thoughts about what is important in life.

What are your thoughts?

If you are struggling to get through this Quarantine and you need guidance in nurturing yourself so you can nurture those around you, then contact me. https://qualifiedwellnesssolutions.com/contact/ I will help guide you toward a more positive way of thinking. We can work together to help you manage your mindset and figure out what is holding you back from feeling beautiful inside and out! Be safe, stay strong and always have a Fabulous day!



Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

Owner of Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC