Starting a New Healthy Routine Can Be Scary

Tina Butt

Have you been told that you need to lose weight, eat better, get active, take prescriptions? Have you been told that you have a diagnosis that is scary for you to hear? Maybe diabetes, Lupus, MS, Lyme disease, arthritis? Whatever the new diagnosis is can be overwhelming and scary. But, it is doable if you stay focused on the goal.

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and autoimmune myopathy thought to be related to Lyme Disease, I felt overwhelmed. I knew that I did not want to feel sick any more and I was willing to do anything to feel better. I wanted to prevent complications acutely and chronically. But what was the best way to do that? I did not want medications. My focus was on an overall healthy lifestyle.

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I remember thinking “where do I start”? SO I am sharing my 5 Tips for Beginning a Healthy Routine.

  1. Think Positive– If you focus on why you are starting this healthy lifestyle it will make it easier. Do not focus on what did not work for you in the past.
  2. Set a Goal- This is the “why” you are starting your new routine. You may have more than 1, only chose 1 to work on at a time. Think to yourself: “where am I now and where do I want to be?”
  3. Plan Ahead- this will help decrease the overwhelm and will help you with time management. I use a daily planner and schedule things in. You can also make a list of what needs to get done.
  4. Learn- Learn about your new reason for making this change. For me I needed to learn everything I could about Celiac and Lyme. When you educate yourself you will understand the “why”! Keep an open mind to change.
  5. Listen- Listen to your body, how you are feeling. Listen to your mind, you may start hearing negative thoughts creep up. Don’t allow these thoughts to stop you from reaching your goal.

The end result to developing a healthy routine is to FEEL BETTER. You will have decreased stress, increased energy and you will develop a new routine that will be easier to stick to. Take small steps and stick to your plan. Consistency is key when you are developing a new habit.

Update on me! For 6 months I have been working on myself. I have more energy, improved sleep, and less number of pain days. The tips above along with many more are what I used to become sugar free, gluten free and vegetarian. I do eat seafood occasionally. The process to get here has been a great experience, one that I share with my clients every day and I wanted to share them with you. This is a good starting point. I didn’t eliminate all of the above over night, I did them step by step and have been able to stick with it and feel better. I want the same for you.

I challenge you to try these steps! Keep a journal and stay consistent. I have faith in you!

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Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach

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Disclaimer: The information I provide is not medical advice, but my personal opinion. Please ask your medical provider if these tips are appropriate for you.