Boost Mode Testimonials

Feedback from some of our satisfied customers!

I signed up for Coaching with Tina to help eliminate pain through diet by finding WHY I eat the way I do. The Coaching sessions got to the root of my issues and were extremely helpful to give me the tools to move forward. Some of the positive steps I have taken as a result of the sessions are learning stress techniques: meditation, breathing, journaling, tracking food and mood, made changes affecting my mindset, make healthier choices. These things have made me feel better with less pain and losing 12 lbs so far.

My favorite exercise was finding peace and not putting so much pressure on myself to be perfect. I don’t have the all or nothing mentality any longer. I learned that I deserve to feel good and will continue to work in this direction.

If you are considering Health Coaching, DO IT. It is an amazing experience and worth your health and wellness. I was given the tools to move forward while having great support and accountability.

– C. M.

The first time I met Tina, she was giving a lecture at Ursuline College during my graduate schooling years. I thought to myself, “wow how passionate and knowledgeable she is about teaching and delivering her message”. I was so impressed by her demeanor and approach to teaching the public, that it made me want to listen and pay attention. Several years have passed, and who knew that we would now be colleagues and friends.

Working alongside Tina, I can’t think of a better teacher, educator, co-worker or just someone to hang out with. With Tina’s background, experience and education, she has a way of looking at the whole picture and coming up with the most reasonable solutions. I can’t think of a better person to help find methods to achieve and guide you on a healthy lifestyle journey.

I’m excited to be a part of her journey on the adventure and I look forward to following her advice and learning from her knowledge on her Health and Wellness Blog.

– B. K.

Embarking in a new career path often times brings exciting opportunities of growth and learning. Finding someone to cultivate those qualities within you can make or break your experience within that profession. I was lucky enough to find someone that fostered learning in me when I transitioned to my advanced practice role.

Tina Butt has been an exceptional leader, preceptor and resource to me as I began my new role in advanced practice nursing in 2018. She has incredible experience within her profession which makes her an invaluable teacher. Having someone to be a sound board, inspire, and facilitate learning was of utmost importance to me as a new provider. She helped me navigate difficult situations by not just providing me with answers, but helping me to find conclusions myself. With Tina, I knew I could depend on her as a resource, a teacher, and a friend.

– T. H.

The advocacy program was an excellent program. All steps taken were positive and helpful. Concerns were explored thoroughly, steps taken, support given, and follow up provided in a timely and efficient manner.

The strategy that was extremely helpful was the exceptional listening approach and providing exceptional insights.

I highly recommend a healthcare advocate (and Tina, in particular) as this is much needed resource in today’s complex medical environment.

– S. H.

I am proud of myself. I’m happy because I was able to pay off school and pay half another bill and part of another. Before I started working with you I didn’t feel like there was much left for me other than to just work, but now I feel I’ve come a long way and that I can eventually get my own place and have a life of my own. Also without you, I would have kept adding to my food pile and not get out to a different park every week. Thank you.

– M. F.

I would tell someone considering hiring a Health and Wellness Coach, they are worth the time and investment. We need to take care of ourselves so that we can be better for others.

Some of the positive steps I have taken since with Tina are that I think about the quality of every bite of my food, the effects of my food choices and have regained a positive view on my health.

– L. L. H.

This may sound like a commercial for Tina, but I promise you that she does not know I am writing this until she reads it. I am getting ready for my 3rd meeting with her and let me tell you… if you are struggling with weight loss… you NEED Tina!!!

Here, I was not eating enough and even when I thought I was making the right choices, I really wasn’t. I love what I am learning every week. I am down 11.7 pounds. 5 lbs took me over a month. My diet (lack of proper intake and water) was pitiful! The remaining 6.7 has just been in the last 2 weeks of working with Tina AND I was on vacation for one of those weeks!

I feel really good and am seeing a difference. I have become very mindful with every bite that goes in to my mouth. If you are like me and need some help, Tine Butt is kind, compassionate, honest, and motivating!

– L. H.

Tina is a wonderful Coach! She’s very knowledgeable and willing to share and support you! And, I got the feeling that she really does care. I would tell someone who is considering Health Coaching to be prepared and ready to make changes in your diet and lifestyle.

– K. M.

I would tell someone who is considering health coaching to “give it a try; don’t hesitate; the more healthy and positive attitude you have, the better off you will be”.

– C. H.