The Day That Brings Overwhelm and Underjoy

Tina Butt

Do you have days when you wake and feel a little off? You know, the kind that people ask if you “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”?

No matter what you do you are running behind; the more you try to get done, the more mistakes you make; the more mistakes you make, the more stressed you feel; the more stressed you get, the more mistakes you make. This becomes a vicious cycle.

But if you don’t get the things done that you were set out to do, you will fall even further behind. If you get further behind, you will become more stressed.

Do you see the trend?

I empower people to live an anti-inflammatory lifestyle; this includes learning to “stress less”. Not get rid of stress, but learn to minimize the stress you have and also manage the stress as it occurs so it does not wreak havoc on your mind, body and soul.

Ways to de-stress:

Meditation– there are free apps on your phone for guided meditation. Learn how to be silent and settle your thoughts, in turn slowing your heart rate and blood pressure. Ultimately decreasing generalized inflammation.

Relaxation sounds: Again there are apps on your phone for this. Soothing sounds of water, rain, wind, birds. You get to choose the sound that works for you. Or sit outside and pay attention to the sounds of nature in your own back yard.

Exercise: Not to the extreme! But, exercise is known to decrease the elevated stress hormones in our body known as cortisol. It also stimulates endorphins, the feel good hormones, ultimately this will help settle us down.

Rest: Who said you can’t take a nap. Some people need to shut the mind down for 15-20 minutes. They will awaken feeling fresh. Others, just need to go to a quiet place alone to rest their mind.

Reading: How else can you get away from what it is you are dealing with other than reading a great novel. Allow your mind to go into the setting of that novel you are reading. Enjoy the thoughts in your mind(even if it is Fifty Shades of Grey-hey noone else knows what your thinking about unless you tell them;) ). This will make it so you are not thinking about your current stressors.

Fun interactions: Play with your kiddos, game night with the family, hang out with friends (do not talk about work!), watch a movie, take a staycation/vacation.

Take a warm bath: chilling time. The warm water will detoxify your mind and body. 20 minutes in a warm bath with candles and essential oils will do you and everyone around you some good

Listen to music: calming music works like reading will, you can listen to the sounds and envision a calm environment around you. Dance to the music, this acts the same as exercise

Go for a walk: get out in the fresh air. This too will settle your mind and soul. 20-30 minutes will increase those endorphins. This also help decrease depression.

Thye other option is to STOP what you are doing!

Put it down (whatever you are doing)!

Walk away!

Come back after you get your mind in a positive place. You will notice this increases productivity! This will also allow you to find epace and joy!

Change the current mood from underjoy to overjoy!!!!

What can you do to change that thought pattern, get out of the stressful situation and better manage the same situation in the future? Go ahead and try some of the activities I mentioned above.

I know I will!

XOXO, Tina