Do You Know, There Are Tools You Can Use to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Tina Butt

We all need guidance at some point in our lives.

Some of us have set goals that we have been able to achieve with help, others have goals they work toward and never seem to achieve.

Why are your health goals out of your reach?

Are you overwhelmed? Lack knowledge? Stuck in a current mindset? Lack a support system? Your confidence is less than to be desired?

Each one of us have our reasons for not being able to “get healthy”. Your main goal should be for you to change your current mindset and look at your new healthy goals as a lifestyle, not a life change. Go ahead and get out your Journal and write your thoughts on what you need to do in order to reach your healthy goals.

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Our Mindset can determine what we can achieve!

Our minds can talk us into doing something, or out of doing something.

Do you know how many times I have thought “this won’t work because it never did in the past”? I tried different workouts, diets, food plans only to gain more weight instead of losing weight. The workouts I was doing made me so hungry, I would eat way too many calories causing me to self sabotage. Not to mention, the “diet” I would follow was too restrictive without the right nutrients causing me to feel hungry, deprived and annoyed. I was in a losing battle for years.

Once I started to focus on my body and my mind, I realized weight loss is not a one size fits all! I needed to find what worked best for me. I had to get very real with myself and admit that what I was putting in my body was not for health, but for comfort.

  • I ate because I wanted to not because I had to.
  • I rarely drank water.
  • I allowed myself too many treats “for a job well done”.
  • I would skip meals thinking that was best for a calorie deficit I kept being told to follow
  • I ingested so much protein, I didn’t have room for other necessary nutrients at mealtime.
  • vegetables were rare and fruit was a must.

I remember reading and talking to anyone that would share information on how I could lose weight, lose my belly pooch, decrease swelling and not be so tired all of the time. This caused me to make so many changes in my health, way too frequently. I was confusing my mind and body. I felt defeated and found acceptance in my body and health. Until one day, I was DONE accepting everyone’s “advice”! I found my path to generalized wellness and haven’t gone back since.

I encourage you to take a look at your current health. What are you lacking? How can you improve yourself? Do you need someone who can educate you, guide you, empower you? As a Health and Wellness Coach, I can provide you with individualized tools for a holistic approach to reaching your health goals.

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Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

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