What an Empowerment Health and Wellness Coach Can Do For You!

Tina Butt

Are you living up to your full potential in your life? Do you lack energy, confidence, willpower or inspiration? Do you know that you need to make some changes in your health?

People have dreams that we would like to see come to life. We have things in our life that we want to change or find a new way of doing them. We look for others for guidance.

We get busy or necessary change seems to be overwhelming and we don’t get around to making the change(s) to reach our dreams. We tell ourselves “I don’t have the time. I don’t have the money. I don’t have anyone to support me. I don’t know how to do it.” These are excuses. We all do it, including myself!

So how do we, as people, stop making the excuses to move forward with the changes we need in our lives to become healthier and happier? How can we live up to our full potential? If our support system is lacking, who can we get to back us up or help us out? We all can make the necessary changes in our lives to reach our dreams!

As an Empowerment Health and Wellness Coach, I believe in taking small steps. Completing things slowly while taking the time to learn about your current health struggles and how you can improve yourself by taking action steps. This means taking 1 day at a time. Life is like a puzzle: you can’t put all of the pieces into one spot, each piece has it’s place to complete the final design. Your life is your own , it is not to be modeled after someone else’s. What works for you may not work for your friend, neighbor or that “friend” you met on social media.

Taking small steps each day can be an easy way to change your routine to include healthier habits. Most people do not realize, your health struggles stem from your current routine and habits. It’s the change in your daily routine that can be the scariest. People are known to not accept change. Change will cause anxiety, stress and overwhelm which will make you run from doing the work that it takes to make the necessary change in your life to begin a healthy routine.

Re-training your brain to see things in a different way is key to making life long adjustments to your health!

An Empowerment Coach will be the person that holds you accountable, cheers you on, checks in on you, helps you to see that you have the ability to make things happen for yourself. I guide you to look inside yourself and see the possibilities that you have pushed aside making you feel like you “can’t do it”. With a Coach, you will learn to love yourself and put yourself in the front seat. You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for; allow yourself to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Answer the following questions to see what your thoughts are about your current lifestyle. Be honest with yourself while answering them.

Answer yes/no/maybe: Yes= 2 point No=1 point Maybe=0 point

  1. My work and personal life are balanced
  2. I have plenty of time to do the things that I want
  3. I have healthy habits that support my needs
  4. I have a support system that will stand by me through any changes I make
  5. I am a self confident/positive person and I go after what I want
  6. I get 7-9 hours of sleep a day
  7. I eat a healthy balanced diet
  8. I exercise at least 30 min a day most days of the week
  9. I have plans for my future that are exciting to me
  10. I am committed to doing what I want to improve my life

Now add up your points!

0-10 points- You can definitely improve on certain areas of your life. You may lack confidence, willpower and/or a strong support system. An Empowerement Coach would benefit you to reach your wellness goals by helping you to see your full potential, encouraging you along your path to wellness, and supporting you on your health journey.

11-15 points- You feel pretty confident in your current life, however, you probably struggle with your current mindset in moving forward to reach your goals. You could use an Empowerment Coach to help guide you out of your current mindset into a positive mindset so you can reach your health goals.

16-20 points- You are so close to reaching your healthy goals! You have a vision and you have set your goals, you may even have a plan for achieving them. But you are just not achieving those healthy goals yet. Something is holding you back! An Empowerment Coach will work with you to help inspire you to achieve you goals by helping you to get inside yourself to see what is causing you get “Stuck”

I want you to use this guide so you can see what areas in your life you may be struggling in. There are times in all of our lives that we need to reach out to someone for help. Someone to teach us. Someone that will inspire us. Someone to support us. Someone to Empower us to move forward to reach the healthier version of ourselves.

Reach out to me for more information or if you need a little guidance in reaching your Health and Wellness Goals!

As always, keep your positive attitude as you never know what you can achieve today until you try!


Tina Butt, Empowerment Health and Wellness Coach

Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC