What Does Thinking Outside The Box Mean For Your Health?

Tina Butt

When it comes to your health, I bet you have tried “everything” to get healthy right?

You tried different “fad” diets, exercise plans, joined gyms, read books, and googled how to get healthy.

After all of the years and many failed attempts, you still have questions because you have not reached your version of “health”.

OK….. this may not be you, but it was me!

I have seriously tried everything over the years without a long term benefit. Actually, what I was doing was more harmful to my health than any benefit I was seeing.

It wasn’t until I followed my own advice that I give to my daughter and other family members and clients……

I tell people to “think outside the box”. What does this statement mean to you when you read it?

To me it means what you have tried that did not work, you need to think differently. That’s right, quit trying to think the way everyone else is and think about what has and has not worked for you! Then do it differently.

When I stopped:

  • joining my friends at the gym for the hardest workouts
  • following fad diets- low carb, no carb, high fat, high protein, low protein
  • searching for supplements-pills, shakes etc that would cause weight loss

I was able to really pay attention to what my body was telling me. I was actually able to listen and hear all of the good, bad and ugly that I had been ignoring.

When you constantly do what makes you comfortable you will not grow.

Growth comes from doing something outside of your comfort zone!!

Think about it……. what you have tried in the past did not work but don’t quit trying.

You need to think differently. Come up with a new plan. A plan that will fit into your life right now.

By listening to my body, I could hear what it was telling me. For a long time I struggled with actually doing what my body was asking for. It was when I held myself accountable for what I had and had not done over the years that I really started to see progress in living a healthy lifestyle.

Once I dug deep into my lifestyle, thoughts and actions is when I really started to break down the shield I had built and realize it had been my own choices that caused me to not gain the healthy lifestyle I desparately was seeking.

By thinking differently I was able to do things differently which meant I could grow. This led me to get out of the “Box” I had been stuck in for years and do the necessary work to gain my current healthy lifestyle.

So…. what are you willing to do differently right NOW to stop thinking the way you have been, the way that you have not benefitted from and start thinking “Outside The Box” to achieve the healthy lifestyle you deserve?

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You’ve got this!

XOXO, Tina