What kind of lubricant is necessary to benefit our daily health?

Tina Butt

You have a dirty mind! I know what you were thinking when you read the title (that’s why I wrote it).


We need water to help keep our body working properly. Our bodies are approximately 60% water!

  • It acts as a lubricant to our joints, mouth, brain and spinal cord.
  • It protects our skin to make it radiant and healthy.
  • It regulates our body temperature- if you are dehydrated your body temperature will increase, acting as if you have a fever.
  • Physical performance depends on hydration. Especially in the heat when dehydration is possible. Athletes can lose up to 6-10% of their water through sweat.
  • Gastrointestinal health depends on hydration, without it our bodies hold onto stool and become very dehydrated, constipated. This can lead to poor gut health and overall poor generalized health.
  • Weight management. Hydration helps promote healthy weight and can aid in weight loss due to giving you that full feeling which decreases caloric intake. Drinking one 8 oz glass of water 30 minutes before meals is the best, to make you feel more full.

When we have sub-optimal hydration, we feel depressed, fatigued, suffer from headaches and will be unable to function at the top of our game physically and mentally.

Muscle tissue is about 80% water, so it just makes sense for post workout fatigue and poor recovery to be worse and cause more injury without hydration.

There are many different opinions on the internet about how much water is enough. The easiest way that I have found to make sure I keep myself hydrated, and I have suggested to patients and clients is by drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces.

  • a 100 Lb person would need to drink 50 Oz water a day.

I keep a jug of water with the exact amount in it and drink it throughout the day. When the jug is empty, then I know I reached my recommended amount for the day. Anything else I drink is bonus!

A reminder: alcohol causes dehydration, if you are ingesting alcohol, you will require at least 8 oz water per every serving of alcohol.

  • 1 oz vodka=8 oz water
  • 4 oz wine=8 oz water
  • 1 12 oz can beer= 8oz water

Hope this little health tidbit helped you and acts as a reminder. The weather is getting nice in my neck of the woods is a common occurrence at the beginning of summer is dehydration causing visits to the ER! I want to prevent this from occurring.



Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

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