When do you know you are ready?

Tina Butt

Ready for what?

Ready to lose weight, stop eating crap, stop laying around, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop using drugs?

So many people post or ask me “What do I eat? What pills should I take? How often should I eat?” and the list goes on. The best answer……

Every body is different. Everybody is different. We think differently, our needs are different, our goals are different, our wants are different, our situation is different! There is no one size fits all when it comes to health. If you want a short, quick fix you will not find it. Well, you won’t sustain it. Yes there are a lot of quick fixes out there. That is the problem with our society…….

If you want something bad enough you will work for it. That’s what we teach our kids right? If you want to succeed at something, you will find a way. If you want to eat better, do it. If you want to stop drinking alcohol, do it. If you want to stop using drugs, do it. If you want to stop smoking, do it. If you want to get healthier, do it! There isn’t a quick fix for your health and wellness.

For years I have whined “I cant lose weight”. I cut calories only to gain more weight; I exercised in many forms-crossfit(I was fit alright) but my fat % kept rising; HIIT, yoga, running, then I resorted to fast walking. All of this caused weight gain! Why?

That’s what I had to figure out. I was already gluten free. I “ate healthy”. Or I told myself that I ate healthy. What about the alcohol? the chocolate? the sweets? the coffee creamer? etc….that I was consuming daily. But, I was exercising and I was not eating large amounts, I didn’t eat fried foods, I make healthy choices, I ate fruits and veggies, blah blah blah. Last year I started to experience generalized joint and muscle pain, muscle fatigue and weakness. Why was that happening? I felt horrible every day. Inflammation is why it was happening. Something was causing generalized inflammation in my body! To feel better I had to figure out what was causing it.

What causes inflammation in the body?

  • alcohol
  • sugar
  • gluten
  • dairy
  • wheat
  • some grains
  • an allergen
  • obesity-body fat
  • infection/viruses
  • stress

What does chronic inflammation in the body cause?

  • autoimmune disease- MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Thyroid disease, Celiac Disease (there are a large number of autoimmune diseases, I just mentions a few of the most common. Sorry If I did not touch on your, but you can mention in the comments section)
  • chronic heart disease
  • stoke
  • high blood pressure

I had to want to feel better, I had to put the effort into feeling better. But, I knew that I did not want a quick fix. I wanted lasting results. I didn’t want medication. So, I quit eating sugar, cut down on carbohydrate servings(did not eliminate them), and I stopped drinking alcohol. What? no wine, no dairy queen, no Hershey’s candy bars? But I love this stuff! That was 1/1/2020. I am down 10 lbs and only have the pain and weakness etc occasionally(still working on this). So, I found what foods and dietary habits were hindering me from reaching my goals and making me sick. SO can you!

Here are examples:

If someone wants to quit smoking, they have to WANT to do it for themselves. You can’t take their cigarettes and hide them, they will get more and probably hide them from you. LOL.

If someone wants to lose weight, they can’t have others cook and shop for them. They have to do the work. They have to make the right food choices and exercise on their own. You can’t eat and exercise for them.

If someone wants to quit using drugs, you cant take their drugs from them, they will find them somewhere else.

The point I am making is, if you want it, then do it. Do it for yourself. Not for others. You have to be committed to making the change. You have to want to put the work into it. Like me, I was sick of feeling sick. Why complain about something if I wasn’t going to do anything to help myself?

Learn about your illness, medical diagnosis, and health. Read books. Use Google. Talk to your healthcare provider. Hire a coach. Join a support group. But, everything you learn is only information. It is not a fix. The fix comes from you! You will have to put pieces and parts together and do trial and error to find what works best for you. And don’t quit. Every day is a new day. Don’t stress over it, just make it your daily routine/habit. Remember, stress causes more disease!


Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC

6 thoughts on “When do you know you are ready?”

  1. Hey Tina, this was awesome I needed to hear this desperately even though I hear my doctor, my mom and family say things to me as well, but hearing it again in a different way is a blessing to my ears. Everyone is different, and we all have to want to change. Well said. Thank you!!

    • No problem. I am glad that you were able to resonate with this. It is something I encounter daily with my clients. Everyone is “doing it for someone else”. Hlad you enjoyed. Have a great day

  2. nice blog Tina.  I definitely understand what you’re saying. Now I have to start doing it full time not part time.  Vert good and understandable.

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