You Are Who You Allow Yourself To Be

Tina Butt

I love the Law of Attraction. The neuroscience behind it is fascinating. “Like attracts like”. Isn’t this the opposite of what we learned in science class and life?

I have always said opposites attract!

  • The negative side of a battery attracts the positive side.
  • Marriage- most people marry the person that is not exactly like them, after-all this is what works for my marriage of 25 years. We learn from each other.
  • Friendships- yes it is important to have like-minded friends, but it is also important to have friends that have different things in common, you can learn from each other and experience different things.

With the Law of Attraction, YOU will become what you think! If you think you are fabulous, you will be fabulous!

You attract what you think about! If you think about having a healthy life, you will achieve a life of wellness.

Your thoughts will become something, whether its an object or a dream come true.

An exercise I have my clients do is to sit in a still environment and think of 1 positive thing you want to achieve. Imagine this 1 thing, see yourself holding it, touching it, smelling it and living it. When you can visualize that 1 thing that you want, you will attract it! You have to focus all of your attention on it.

An example is people that have success in wealth or career. They think about how to make more money and how to be great in their career from the time they wake until they fall asleep. They will even dream of new ways to achieve success.

Another example, when a person is diagnosed with a disease and they want to improve their health, they will research the disease and possible treatment options. They will be proactive in the treatment of their disease. They will think about ways to “cure” the disease every day, all day until they achieve wellness.

Negative Mindset brings Negative things! Think about that 1 person you know that no matter what, they always have a negative thought, saying, response, beliefs and health. This is a difficult person to be around!

Instead, focus on what you want, with as much passion as you can and you can make your dreams come true.

You will attract those people and things that you make your mind see! If you want positivity, you will attract positive people and things; and vice versa. Life is so much more happy and fulfilled when we think about a happy and positive life.

Here is another example of The Law of Attraction: have you ever bought something and then you all of a sudden see it everywhere? You never saw that rainbow car until you bought one, now the rainbow cars are everywhere! Your mind looks for the rainbow car, therefore, sees the rainbow car. You are the artist of your own life. Imagine the things you can paint with your mind being in charge.

I love working with women to help them change their mindset to become more positive and achieve great things. So many women seek others to accept and believe in them. All we have to do is accept ourselves and believe in ourselves. By doing this, we will attract people that will do the same for us. A positive mindset is what is needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I want to help you achieve a well balanced life!

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