Tina Butt

Have you ever heard someone say “you are your thoughts”?

I have talked about positive mindset in previous posts. I think it is a very important topic. I see and hear women constantly putting themselves down. Sometimes they don’t even realize they do it, it’s ingrained in them. This could be their upbringing or just something they have developed over time. Those negative thoughts can nag at the brain. Over time the brain gets so used to hearing those thoughts, it starts to believe what its being told.

Negative thoughts will bring about negative emotions and consequences. When our mind gets caught in the negative thoughts, everything around us will appear negative. Have you ever talked to someone that no matter what is said or brought up, they have a negative response?

Well, guess what? This is reversible. You can change those negative thoughts to positive ones with the right tools. By changing some negative habits to more positive , meaningful habits, your brain will adjust and soon forget those negative thoughts.

I work with women to provide the tools that allow them to make long lasting changes to their life in order to change those negative habits into more productive ones.

You are wondering how is this possible. You have had these thoughts for so long, sometimes years. So how can I help you change them? How can you change them? How can you make adjustments in your daily life to allow your brain to re-learn what it has been taught? It is possible and I enjoy helping with the process.

What does training the brain to re-learn thoughts entail?

  • be aware of the negative thoughts. You need to know they are thoughts and NOT reality
  • be aware of when these thoughts occur. what time of day, who are you with?
  • how do you currently handle these thoughts?
  • ask yourself : Do I love myself? If the answer is NO, we can fix that!

This re-training the brain has worked on myself and many other clients through the years. I have seen the positive impact it will have on weight loss, diet changes, self love, the ability to care for yourself and others, and reaching health goals that have been set for a period of time even years without ever achieving them.

Listen to the thoughts coming from your mind. Be aware of how they make you feel. Are you ready to learn a positive way to empower yourself to reach those health goals? To lose weight? To eat better?

Write down some of the positive thoughts you have about yourself. You are worth working on! You are worth the positive outcome. You are worth great health.

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As always,

I am proud of you for being proactive in your own health!