Your Mindset Matters!

Tina Butt

I know I have talked about mindset in the past, there is no better time than to reiterate the importance of minding your mind and its thought process, than now. In light of our Nation’s change in events and current pandemic, most people that I talk to are verbalizing fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of illness, fear of the present and the future, fear of others actions. One of the fears I have heard expressed the most is “What is going to happen?”

Some people feel they have not had to make changes in their daily lives; others have had to make drastic changes in their lives. The people affected are kids, adults, parents, employers, employees, families, friends, our elders, the young. EVERYONE! How has this pandemic affected you and your life? How are you handling the changes in your life due to the pandemic?

I would like to share how my life has changed in the past 2 weeks. I am a medical provider, mom, daughter, friend and wife. I have to wake each day, check my temperature and report to work. I am not allowed at work if I have a fever and/or upper respiratory symptoms. But, yes, I have a job! I had to cancel my vacation. My birthday will be spent with social distancing a must. My child is without her friends and she is home schooling herself. My daughter wakes up asking me if I have a fever. She actually said “mom I don’t want you to work anymore. If you keep working, can you pack your stuff and go to the basement?” Guess what I do, I go to work! Reluctantly if I may be honest. My daughter will text or call me throughout the day asking how I am feeling. My family members call me to check in on me. I know they are worried that I may come in contact with someone who has COVID-19. Deep down, they are worried they will get sick from me. Of course they dont want to see me get sick, but they also don’t want to get sick.

Why all the worry? I have a weakened immune system due to my own health issues. My family members are older with weakened immune systems. My daughter is a child that is just worried. Worried about getting sick. Worried about her mom getting sick. But I go to work each and every day because I vowed to take care of people. I also vowed to take care of my family. It is my duty to take care of myself first, in order to care for my patients, family and friends. Someone asked me today, “aren’t you scared?” I am! But, I am scared for the ones around me, not really for myself. My friends are without work. My colleagues have their own families to take care of. Local business owners are losing money and risking losing their businesses. My gram lives alone over 2 hours away, does not drive and needs to get groceries! My parents are older. My daughter is so scared with so many questions that I cannot answer. My husband goes to work every day to keep others safe and comfortable. Kids don’t get to graduate. People are cancelling their weddings. Others cannot get the food or supplies they need form stores because others are selfishly shopping. Guns are being bought at alarming rates. People are lying, cheating, stealing and causing harm to others.

I have to step back and look at the big picture. I can’t let fear control my mind. Here are some things that I started doing to help with my mindset.

  • meditation- each and every night. I also find myself taking several quick breaks throughout the day taking 10-15 breaths. This helps to calm my mind when it is overwhelmed.
  • journal/blog- I have been keeping track of my feelings and what is occurring at the time that I am experiencing thoughts of fear or anger or guilt.
  • talking to friends and families- I check in with everyone. I let people know what I am feeling and thinking(this is not usual for me). I ask for help. I say no when I know that I cannot take something new on my plate!
  • I am trying to stick with my eating pattern and sleep pattern.
  • I am doing my exercises every morning and stretching several times a day.
  • I am drinking plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. Hydration protects the body from invasion of bacteria and viruses.
  • I am keeping my schedule the same as I usually would.
  • I am limiting my exposure to the news and negative talk.
  • I am doing what I have always done, washing my hands! I am trying to not go into large groups. Shopping only when necessary.
  • I stay positive! Positive that this will end and we will be ok! Each time I get angry, I repeat the above until my mindset has been changed to a more POSITIVE set of thoughts.

It is very important for me and for you to stay positive during this trying time. If you can learn to take care of yourself now, this will carry on to the ones around you; your children, friends family members, co-workers etc. If you learn to meditate, breath, or just refocus then your health will follow suite. If you remain calm and positive, your children will feel more comfortable and confident in the world!

If we let the fear of the unknown control our minds, this is when we will succumb to the negativity of your current situation. You need to learn how to change the negative into a positive. Think of new ways to make your daily life work for you. Change your current negative habits to more positive ones. Learn new habits.

The things in my life that are positive are: I have my life; I wake up every day; my kid is safe; my family is safe and well; I have a job; I have nutrients; I am safe and warm.

What are your positive thoughts?

How are you dealing with the current change in events, ultimately the changes in your life?

Could you benefit from help to keep you motivated and healthy?

Tina Butt, Health and Wellness Coach and Healthcare Advocate

Owner of Qualified Wellness Solutions, LLC

Contact me if you want coaching to help you get through the challenges we are currently facing.

2 thoughts on “Your Mindset Matters!”

  1. You are such a good writer and a beautiful soul!
    My faith carries me through each day. Like you I am afraid too, but I can not allow myself to dwell there. I have learned who’s voice is behind the obsesdive fearful thoughts that want to discourage me and make me give up and I say “Get thee behind me!” 2 Timothy 1:7 has become my mantra. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.

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